The Saskatoon Track and Field Club is a non-profit organization where all funds generated are used to enhance member programs.

As costs continue to rise amongst all areas of club involvement the club is looking for financial support rather than passing the increased costs onto its members.

If any individual, business, or group would like to discuss possible sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Head Coach
Jamie Epp

– OR –

Scott Rutherford


Sponsorship Information

The Saskatoon Track and Field Club offers programs in track & field and cross country for athletes 8 years and older of all levels of ability. STFC is dedicated to excellence by providing the opportunity for athletes to develop their maximum potential, while preserving the highest ideals of good sportsmanship and character.

Information about STFC

Club dates back to 1948 with ties to the Hilltops Football Club in 1949
Projected membership in 2018 is 400 members.
Members from outside Saskatoon (Humboldt, Prince Albert, Watrous, Biggar, etc)
Website receives 600+ hits a month.
Sponsorship Potential

Being a non-profit organization the club must generate all funds used to enhance member programming (facilities, equipment, clothing, coaches). Current fundraising ventures include an annual raffle.  However, these ventures are not enough to maintain the growth of the club. As such the club is actively pursuing sponsorship opportunities with various businesses and organizations in the community. STFC is open and willing to discuss all sponsorship opportunities regarding monetary donations to the club. If you or your organization has an idea the club would like to hear from you.

Sponsorship Levels


  • $50-$249
  • Name on website

Bronze Sponsor:

  • $250 -$499
  • Logo on our webpage and identified as bronze sponsor

Silver Sponsor:

  • $500- $749
  • Logo on webpage, identified as silver sponsor and link to their webpage

Gold Sponsor:

  • $750-$999
  • Logo on webpage, identified as gold sponsor, link to their webpage and logo in our handbook


  • Over $1000
  • Logo on our webpage, identified as platinum sponsor, link to their webpage, logo in handbook (additional recognition, perhaps logo in our leisure guide ad, and logo on our STFC banner).

Other opportunities for return of sponsorship

Logo placement on club clothing (worn by all club members)
Logo placement on club materials – signs, banners, tents (seen by thousands)
STFC is open to discussion on any further ideas or suggestions.
If you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities further, please contact: Head Coach Jamie Epp or President Scott Rutherford at the above emails.






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